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Harissa Infused Mango Salsa

mango salsa
2 fresh mangos, small chop
1/4 of a large purple onion, even smaller chopped :o)
1/2 of a red bell pepper, small chop  (ok, in the picture, you will note it's strawberries, cuz "someone" ate all the red peppers in the house) but, it was GOOD!
juice of one lime
coarse salt to taste
finely chopped Cilantro to taste
3 TBL of Alfoos Mango Balsamic Vinegar
1-1/2 TBL of Harissa Infused Olive Oil (adjust to taste, it gets Spi-Cy quick!!)

Incorporate all together, you can eat it this immediately but it improves SO much more if you refridge a few hours before serving.

Try with Fish or Chicken tacos, top a salad or nachos or eat it straight from a spoon!!!!!  Sharing is optional. :o)