About our Store


We are excited to announce SOOC is under new ownership as of August 1, 2021.

​Staunton Olive Oil Company (SOOC) opened in July 2015 in historic downtown Staunton, Virginia.  With a passion for bringing Local Healthy Living to communities we want to raise awareness to ways to empower you to improve your health.

Did you know that 1 in 3 deaths in America is a direct result of cardiovascular disease? Recent statistics state it’s around 2,150 deaths a day, which is like 1 every 40 seconds according to the 2015 Heart Disease and Stroke Statistics Update which is compiled annually by the AHA, CDC, the NIH & other government sources. Many chronic conditions like high cholesterol, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases can be prevented or improved by eating the right foods! Life is too short!

Did you know that Polyphenols are a class of antioxidants found in a variety of foods such as freshly pressed olive oils, grapes used in balsamic vinegars, fresh coffee beans, cocoa beans & tea? Polyphenols have been shown to improve blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol, cardiovascular problems and MANY other health issues like chronic pain from arthritis, obesity, headaches from chronic inflammation, cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. It also increases energy & helps with fighting off disease and infections. Check out our tab on “About Vinegar” and “About Olive Oil” to read more about the health benefits.

We have always had a passion for cooking, coming up with new recipes, teaching and caring for others on techniques to improve health and well-being. Combine all these things and what do you get? A gourmet specialty food store that is designed to allow our customers to try most products before they buy them to show them that healthy food choices don’t have to compromise flavor. We want to teach people how to cook these gourmet flavors that will not only taste better than eating out each meal but also improve health. We are committed to our customers to always having the highest quality of food products that each member of the household will enjoy and even want more. We have a lot of fun experimenting, come in and have fun with us!

Do You Really Know What You Are Eating?

Most people are unaware of the adulteration of food products they consume on a regular basis. For instance, did you know that olive oil, sugar, coffee, tea, honey, balsamic vinegar, cakes, icing, juices, and maple syrup are among the most common foods to be adulterated. Adulteration is also known as “food fraud.” Many of these adulterations can be detrimental to one’s health especially when consumed on a regular basis. This is one of the reasons we wanted to open up our store and give our customers healthy alternatives by providing quality foods that are organic, no genetic modifications (Non-GMO), no preservatives, no hydrogenated oils, no food coloring, as well as vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options.

Going back to our farmer roots we understand how farms are pressured to use harsh chemicals to increase resiliency and sustainability of plants to increase profitability. All companies we use have special incentives to compensate the farms and workers for keeping their food clean, preserving the natural health benefits of the food being grown, protecting forests and wild animals, keeping shade trees, preserving water, and conserving the ecosystem without using manufactured GMO plants and harsh chemicals.

Come visit us to taste and compare over 50 varieties of premium imported extra virgin olive oils, all-natural, GMO-free, aged balsamic vinegars and specialty oils. We offer a wide range of organic-flavored fused and infused extra virgin olive oils. We source olive oils from both the northern and southern hemisphere. Each half produces once a year making our oils as fresh as possible. Our olives are grown and pressed by artisans and small farms throughout the world and are 100% extra virgin, unfiltered and settled. Our balsamic vinegars are aged up to 18 years in oak barrels and are harvested directly in Modena, Italy.

-All of our oils and vinegars are imported to our store in Staunton and bottled on site.

-All of our pasta is handmade with the freshest of ingredients when ordered and shipped directly to our store to sell. We will have occasional various samples for you to try the flavorful, all-natural, gluten-free pastas.

-All of our bakery items are gluten-free. We will have many low-glycemic, keto, paleo, vegan, dairy-free options too for those with food sensitivities or health concerns looking to splurge on a sweet treat.

-All of our coffee is roasted fresh when ordered and shipped directly to us immediately after so we use the freshest of beans to serve to our customers. We will keep small quantities each week to maintain the freshness.

Please let us share our healthy, delicious, food discoveries and see for yourself how you feel after a few minor tweaks in your daily eating. We look forward to partnering with you!

Healthy eating is quality living!